South Jersey Mulch Sales & Delivery

At Leonberg Nursery, we are one of the leading sales and delivery providers of Hardwood Mulch, Triple Ground Hardwood, Black, Brown and Red color-enriched mulch, playground mulch, Canadian Cedar Bark and woodchips, for your landscaping needs. We proudly serve Burlington County and Camden County, NJ.

Soil Products

In addition to our mulch varieties, we also sell Topsoil, Screen Topsoil, Premium Soil Mix, Leaf Compost, Mushroom Soil as well as Fill Dirt.

Crushed Stones & Round Stones & Sand

Leonberg Nursery sells everything from Grey Stone and Red Stone to Stone Dust to Quarry Blend and White Marble. We also carry a varied assorted of round stones, including Delaware River stone and Pearl Pebbles. Did we mention we also carry Mason Sand, Concrete Sand and White Play Sand?

We Manufacture Our Own Mulches & Topsoils

Did you know we make our best selling products – Hardwood Mulch, Triple Ground Hardwood, Black and Brown Color Enriched Mulch, Screened Topsoil, Premium Soil Mix at our Moorestown, NJ location? It’s true. This allows us to have full quality-control over the products we sell to you!

Trust In buying From Leonberg Nursery

Buying from Leonberg Nursery means that we can provide home delivery of a wide range of products, including mulch, soil, and stone products directly to you… from a trusted company who provides top-notch service and product quality.

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