Why Buy From Leonberg Nursery?


Leonberg Nursery is one of the largest producers of mulch and soil products in Burlington County. We make our best selling products – Hardwood Mulch, Triple Ground Hardwood Mulch, Black and Brown Color Enriched Mulch, Screened Topsoil, and Premium Soil Mix. Many other mulches are ground pallets and construction waste. We make our mulch products only from virgin local wood chips. These products decompose into rich organics that closely mimic nature and the natural forest floor. Repeated use of our mulches will give you a rich compost layer to improve the health of your soil and garden.

eco-friendlyWe ask you to consider GOING GREEN – our products are made from sustainable local virgin wood chips. They have a much lower carbon footprint than many other mulches. Our topsoil products are some of the best that can be found. For our screened topsoil we triple screen native topsoil and store it inside a barn for dry, workable soil. We custom blend our Premium Soil Mix for rich soil for your garden.

Because we make these products on-site, we closely control the QUALITY of our products. We provide SERVICE in having an endless supply of product and do not run out in the busy time of year. Our pricing gives you VALUE since we can be very competitive in our pricing. You can count on our products being very consistent year after year.

Don’t take our word for it. Stop in and see what makes us the best choice for all your mulch and soil needs, along with our selection of gravel, stones, sand, soil and more!