Tip #1: How to Install Mulch Like a Pro

Here are 5 easy steps to installing mulch like a professional.

1) Clean up leaves and debris.
2) Cut an edge with shovel 3″-4″ deep where bed meets an edge such as walk or grass and dispose of.

3) Loosen up any hard crusted mulch layer.
4) Apply weed control such as Preen, if you desire or install weed barrier fabric.
5) Evenly spread mulch and smooth out. Maintain 3″ depth for best results. Keep the top of the mulch 1″ below the edge of a walk or grass. DO NOT bury trunks or stems of plants. DO NOT create mulch mounds and bury the tree trunk of your trees. Keep 4″-6″ below the siding of your house. We recommend maintaining a 3″-4″ depth of mulch. Too little mulch will give poor results as well as too deep is not good. Mulch can improve moisture holding, prevent weeds, add organic matter to the soil, and improve the appearance of your property.

How to Install Mulch Like a Professional