Tip #2: Installing Color-Enriched Mulch

Follow our general guidelines in HOW TO INSTALL MULCH LIKE A PRO.
Color Enriched Mulch is different in that the colorant is not color fast until the product is spread and has 6-8 hours to dry in the sun. The process of coloring mulch is much like staining a deck and needs time to dry. Follow these tips for best results.

1) Dump Bulk Mulch onto a tarp. When possible, it is recommended to have the mulch delivered onto a tarp. This will avoid possible staining of a driveway and speeds cleanup.

2) Wet Surface Immediately for Cleanup – Rinse the driveway immediately after spreading the mulch before the colorant can dry.

3) Use Soap and Water – If there is some staining from colored mulch, promptly wash the surface with soap and water. Work the surface with a stiff brush or broom to remove the stain.

4) AVOID RAINY DAYS – Watch the weather forecast and avoid spreading just before a rain. A light rain will not harm the mulch, but a heavy downpour can wash off some of the colorant before it dries and sets.

5) Turn the mulch over once – at mid-season or if there is some color wash off, turn the mulch over with a rake or fork to expose fresh dark mulch.

6) Wear old clothing – the colorant can stain clothes. It is best to wear gloves and long sleeves while spreading colored mulch.
Color Enriched Mulch from Leonberg Nursery will beautify your home for up to a year!