Tip #3: All About Stone

Stone can be a long lasting, integral part of your landscape. Stone is either natural round stone or crushed angular stone. Leonberg Nursery has a wide selection to choose from.

NATURAL ROUND STONE OR GRAVEL – Comes from the local region. Delaware River Stone is a mix of colors from the Delaware River basin. Pearl Pebbles or Goose Eggs are native off-white or off-yellow stone from Maryland. Natural round stone is available in sizes from 3/8″ through 4′ Boulders. Most popular uses are in landscape beds and around pools.

CRUSHED STONE – comes from surrounding states and is quarried from the ground and crushed. It comes in Grey (Pennsylvania), Red (Pennsylvania), Texas White (Maryland), and Dixie Pink (Maryland) in sizes from 3/8″ through 4′ Boulders. Crushed stone is used for driveways, drainage projects, under sheds, and in landscaping. Quarry Blend or Modified Base, as well as Stone Dust are used as a compacted base under pavers, bricks, sheds, or concrete.

INSTALLATION – It is best to use woven landscape fabric under stone (NOT PLASTIC). This provides stability, drainage, and prevents weeds.